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Take advantage of the most complete outing of our sailboat Chef 7 Mares, sailing through the calm waters of the Balearic sea we will take you to the best beaches of the island where you can swim, snorkel and SUP (Stad Up Padle), provided by us, meanwhile, our unique Chef Nico Rosa will prepare a delicious gourmet barbecue with quality products from the Island, always of the highest quality and chosen by him personally.



We will welcome our guests on board our boat, Siete Mares, in the marina of Cala D’Or, where our chef Nico Rosa will welcome you with a delicious “CAIPIRINHA BRASILEIRA”.

After reception, we will sail to one of the best areas of the east coast of the island of Mallorca and anchor in one of its coves.

Then, while anchoring, chef Nico Rosa will serve a delicious selection of tapas produced with Mediterranean flavors and Italian and Brazilian influences, resulting in an incredible fusion of flavors.

While you are “refestelando” with the chef’s delicious tapas, always driven by the natural brut cava, our captain will leave everything prepared so you can enjoy the sea and the cove.

You will be able to dive into the turquoise waters from privileged places, since you are aboard a sailboat. You can have fun and work out in a SUP, putting yourself on the beach to step on the white sands.

While our guests enjoy the best combination of gastronomy, cava, sea and boat, Chef Nico will be preparing fresh fish, shrimp, chops and vegetables, specially selected for the delight of our customers.

Around 2 pm, the chef invites everyone to taste the gourmet grill prepared at the moment and in front of our guests, a true “show kitchen on board”, always harmonized with a good wine.

Then, we will go to another cove, the one that offers us the best possibility of sea and wind, always thinking about your comfort.

When we anchor in the chosen cove will be the time for de sweet moment, where you can taste the dessert that chef Nico Rosa prepares and that has a Brazilian accent.

We drink a delicious coffee and a typical liquor of Majorca, after enjoying a day with high gastronomy on board and everything that a sailboat offers.

With the certainty of good gastronomic memories, photos and many stories to tell, we will return to the marina of Cala D'Or where we will say goodbye to you with the “taste of want more”.

We leave at 10:30 in the morning.
Return to the marina at 4:30 p.m.
Duration: 6 hours
Maximum number of people: 8